POEM/VIDEO: ‘Wanderlustful’

A visual, truthful ode to ‘Wanderlust’ (definition: a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world). This project combined visual artists, a photographer, a fellow poet and a mood-setting, melodic music score (all contributors available in the credits).

If you lack substance, you and I lack longevity,
My dreams take place in New York
Where forks rest, entangled in tastes from Mounted dishes of fish tacos, giros and deli sides,
My fantasies reside in Cairo to Castries,
Markets and Marrakesh to Marigot Bay’s trees,
Erogenous escapes bring ease to me; I said erogenous escapes bring ease.
My tongue longs for Espanol,
My body does nothing but mount and rush more,
As my limbs do nada but love, lust for,
More, and more, of you.
Straddling air plane aisles, wishes galore for you,
You could have me reduced, juiced, ripe, raw for you.
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